Our Company has a market penetrating management structure with its global headquarters in New York City, operational offices in Miami, Florida and on-site offices at our factories in China and Turkey providing constant over site of production and creating high quality materials and products at each stage of the project.
We specialize in a wide array of manufacturing facilities including luxury interior décor in hospitality,
residential (condominium/ houses), and commercial buildings. Our main core of business ranges from construction materials, customized interior and exterior décor, to set design.
We offer a dedicated professional team in research and development and production lines to create a combination of interactive technology, handmade objects, custom fixtures and furniture. Our team also provides the full budget necessary for each project guided by effective cost control.
We create environments that seamlessly integrate technology, craftsmanship and design. Each project is crafted through a unique and individual narrative concept in customization and production.
From the big picture to the smallest details, the client’s story informs and drives the design of each individual project to the final step of execution in manufacturing.